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Didim Dalyan

coastal 55 km 13 km golden sandy beach, countless large and small coves, a warm and shallow sea by didim...

in 2003, starting in the ancient city of didyma in the management of andreas furtwängler, historical monuments and subsequently the revealing of repair and re-up removal work is underway.

with increasing didim historical aspects, in terms of tourism is quite a large improvement. because the villa has a wonderful beach and numerous coves by the name of. there are many foreign visitors domestic visitors from didim.

about didim

located on one of the two peninsulas that surround the gulf of güllük didim, over tens of kilometers of coastline have put 53.

didyma, the temple of apollo, famous with the ancient "didyma" takes the place of aydin province is a tourist town. aydin is 123 km from the city centre. didim, on the northern coast of the gulf of güllük, bag, as golturkbuku and yalikavak in the bodrum peninsula is located in the heart of the village. tourism, especially in summer, in addition to being a major source of revenue for the region's agriculture also has an important place. the main crops are wheat and cotton. small ruminants, just to meet local consumption are made.

didim, the name is taken from ancient didyma near the town. yorand of the city during the ottoman empire that knows or fatiguing as in the republican period was known as the citadel, after the earthquake of 1955 that a major part of the demolition and re-building with the public between got its name. in 1997 and named public between söke district in 1991, separated from the settlement took the name of didim in turkey to be confused with the other.

didim, long sandy beaches, clear blue sea, historic ruins that can be visited here, has the micro climate of the area and the settlers of hundreds of sunny days per year in the month of january and even the famous beaches to do water sports that allows you to take advantage of very mild winters has been a popular holiday destination.

the apartment is accessible by a path from the most attractive bays across from the beach, small and quiet village is located on the heydar. due to the location of didim, in the 80s from the big cities, especially ankara, began to arrivals from apartments and villas in the area. it was built as cooperatives, most of them with private beaches. real estate prices, especially of turks who live abroad, began to rise rapidly with the purchase. growth in didim in the 1980s, initially through the establishment of accommodation facilities for domestic tourists the british then accelerated. since 2001, the british buy holiday homes in didim and in creating communities of several thousand people began.

all around didim, especially in bars, no longer to see the british flags, it's not surprising. $ 50 million didim d-marina is expected to increase the tourism potential in the region and real estate prices tirmandirmas. 3 on the beach in altinkum. the growth of the beach area is estimated to be completed in 2009 also. also some ancient towns and natural wonders in a location that is close to didim. among these are the lake bafa natural park is situated at the ancient city of miletus and the ancient city of priene.



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